Moodle: Creating a forum

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About Moodle Forums

Forums are a tool for producing structured discussions and a means of supporting a sense of community and belonging.

Creating a Forum 

  1. Go to Moodle, login and go to the relevant Moodle site. 
  1. Select Edit Content
how to activate Edit Content from the Action Menu on Moodle
  1. In the appropriate section click Add an activity or resource 
add an activity or resource button
  1. In the list select Forum and click the Add button (below).
Menu showing how to find and select the forum activity.
Menu shows options of "Feedback Studio", "Forum", "Glossary".
  1. Type a Forum Name & Description for the Forum. 
how to add a title and description to a new forum
  1. Click the Save & Display button at the bottom of the page.

Starting a Discussion

  1. Go to the Forum & select the Add a new discussion topic button.
  2. Enter a Subject and a Message
  3. Select Post Message.
How to create a new discussion thread within a forum activity

The content of the message will depend on the nature of the discussion and the purpose of the Forum. It’s important to include clear instructions & expectations in the initial message for any learning activity.

After posting the message, a confirmation message will appear: 

message: "your post was successfully added".

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