Collaborate Ultra: Recording, downloading and sharing

In this guide:

For advice and policies about producing effective educational videos, go to Creating educational video

Access Collaborate Ultra 

Open your Collaborate room through the Join Session button in Moodle.

Open the room link, then select Join Session

Start and stop recording

Open the Session menu and select Start Recording. 

To stop your recording, return to the Session Menu and select Stop Recording. If you stop and restart the recording several times during a session, there will be separate video files for each time you start and stopped.

 Start or stop a recording from the session menu

Live Class Recording

Notify your attendees first and explain that messages in chat channels will also be recorded. 

Find and view a recording

Collaborate recordings are located in the Collaborate activity on Moodle. Recorded sessions are listed numerically with the title of the Collaborate activity, for example: Histories in Context Classroom – recording 1.

Recordings cannot be renamed on Moodle. If you upload the video to Panopto, you can change the name there

Students and staff can view a recording by selecting its title. This will open a new tab in your browser where you can watch the session and review chat messages. 

Open the Collaborate activity to find the recording links

Messages in the chat are time stamped making it easy return to the precise moment in the video when they were posted. This is particularly useful if you or your students would like to revisit an answer to a question shared in chat.

Messages are time stamped in Collaborate recordings

If your recording is longer than 20 minutes, consider downloading it from Collaborate and uploading it to Panopto where you can use the Table of Contents (Video) feature to segment the video into sections. Visit Creating educational video for more resources for creating educational videos.

Download a recording

To download a recording, you can either:

  • select the download icon next to the recording title or
  • open the recording, select the session menu then select download recording.
open the session settings menu to download a recording

Share a recording 

Recordings can be accessed and shared in two ways: 

  1. Return to the ‘join session’ page of the Collaborate activity where the recording was made and select the relevant recording number.
  1. Open the recording and quickly copy the URL from the search bar in your browser BEFORE the video finishes loading. 
 quickly copy a Collaborate recording URL before the video loads

Paste the recording somewhere you can edit it, in a Word document for example. Cut the ?AuthToken and everything that follows it. The remaining URL can now be shared with others. 

Cut the ?AuthToken and everything that follows it to produce a shareable URL

To share the recording, consider posting the URL in an announcement or adding it as a Moodle link to that week’s topic area.

share recording as an announcement
Share recording as a Moodle link resource

Alternatively, you can keep an index of each recording in the description of your Collaborate room.

Create an index of the recordings in the Collaborate activity description

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