Miro: Creating and navigating a board

In this guide:

Create a new board

After you have created your account, you can access the Miro dashboard. Use the dashboard to navigate between your accounts, teams, projects and create a new board.

Select the +New board icon to create a new board or choose one of the pre-existing template boards:

Miro interface. Select the create a board option

Board features

In your Miro board, there are features that will help you build the learning activities:

Miro board interface. The main toolbar on the left is highlighted and numbered 1. The collaboration toolbar menu on the bottom left is highlighted and numbered 2. The navigation toolbar is highlighted and numbered 3.
  1. Main Toolbar: add content like text, comments, frames, shapes and stickies
  1. Collaboration Toolbar: use frames, chat, screen sharing, timer, presentation mode, voting and video chat.
  1. Navigation Toolbar: zoom in and out and go to full screen mode

There are three modes of board navigation — Mouse, Trackpad, and Touchscreen.

Adding content

Select one of the tools from the main toolbar:

Miro main toolbar
  1. ‘Select/hand’ is the key tool for navigation.
  1. Add text
  1. Add sticky notes
  1. Add shapes
  1. Add connection lines
  1. Pen tool

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