Miro: Tips for teaching

In this guide:

Useful tips for running sessions with Miro

  • Define and share the aims and learning outcomes of the session
  • Give students advanced warning of the date and time of the session
  • Have the Miro board prepared before the session
  • Give clear instructions for the activities (have the activity instructions on the Miro Board you are using)
  • Start your sessions with an Ice Breaker activity. This will ‘warm up’ your students and get them used to using the Miro tools. Use the Templates Library to find Ice breaker activities.
  • Keep live sessions under two hours – for longer sessions have breaks
  • Miro is best used in small groups – try not to have more than 20 participants in any one activity
  • Follow up participants with the results of the session e.g., share the exported board or recording of the session

How can I use Miro in my teaching?

Use these case studies and training guides to learn more.

Case Studies

Miro Training and Support

  • The Miro Academy: a variety of training courses to get you up and running
  • Miroverse: Teaching templates created by the Miro community (Icebreakers, brainstorming, Team building, etc).

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