Blackboard Ally: Accessibility indicators

Addressing accessibility issues with your course content can improve the quality of the Alternative Formats for your students. To help you address those issues, Ally provides accessibility feedback within your course workflow. 

Scores range from Low to Perfect. The higher the score the fewer the issues.

  •  Low (0-33%): Needs help! There are severe accessibility issues.
  •  Medium (34-66%): A little better. The file is somewhat accessible and needs improvement.
  •  High (67-99%): Almost there. The file is accessible but more improvements are possible.
  •  Perfect (100%): Perfect! Ally didn’t identify any accessibility issues but further improvements may still be possible.

Checking your accessibility indicators

  1. Log-in to your course site, and locate the Accessibility Indicators next to files (Word Docs, PowerPoints, PDFs, Images). If you have no course files yet, upload one, and an indicator will appear next to the file name after a few minutes. 
  1. Select the indicator to view the Instructor Feedback. 
  1. Follow these steps to address the issues identified.
4 images showing the accessibility score and ways it can be improved
text reads select the indicator > read the feedback > improve your file > increase your score.

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