Inclusive Core Practice: Assessment

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Adjust assessment methods

Making assignment tasks inclusive should not mean compromising learning outcomes.

Design practical assessment tasks that allow learning outcomes to be demonstrated by students who cannot attend in person.

Be mindful that students may not always be able to access the tools and materials in UAL studios. Assignments should not require materials or tools to be provided by the student that may be impractical for use at home, or unreasonably expensive to purchase.

If it is not possible for students to demonstrate achievement of learning outcome without attending or having access to facilities, please seek appropriate guidance at the earliest opportunity. It is important to discuss this with the Disability Adviser for your course as it may have significant implications for how they advise students.

Scheduling assessments

When setting times for remote international teaching and assessment, you should be aware of the implications of date and time differences for students.

It will be especially important to ensure that where the timing of an activity is significant (i.e. for time-released assessments, or for synchronous forms of teaching delivery) students have equal access to the activity, and the timing of the activity is fair.

The fairest time to release assessments, that will allow the most students globally to access them in waking hours, is 12-2pm London time, which equates to 7-9 pm in Hong Kong and 7-9 am in New York. When releasing assessments that have a time limit for completion, we advise that they be released in this time window, and that the time limit set is at least 24 hours, to allow all students the same number of waking hours to complete the assessment.

To check time zones quickly, you can use of the World Clock Meeting Planner that enables easy comparison of times across multiple cities.


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