Moodle: Adding an Assignment


The assignment module allows teachers to collect work from students, review it and provide feedback including grades.

Adding the assignment

1.Click on Edit mode top right

Edit mode

2.Click Add an activity or resource

add activity or resource

3.Select Assignment

add activity or resource list

Assignment settings

Click Expand All to see all options

Moodle assignment Expand All link


  • Insert an Assignment name and clear instructions for the student
  • If there are additional files for the submission you can also add these here
Moodle Assignment General


Set up when the submission will be available, due and cut-off dates

Moodle Assignment Availability

Submission Types:

  • Set up the submission types that will be allowed for this submission
  • How many files can the student submit, the max size of the files and accepted file types
  • If other submission types have been selected fill out the required information
Moodle Assignment Submission Types

Feedback Types:

Decide what Feedback you are going to provide or use the Assessment Feedback

Submission Settings:

Submission settings require students to click the submit button and/or that students accept the submission statement

Moodle Assignment Submission Settings

The rest of the settings can be left as they are unless you want to set only certain groups, or restrict access etc

Click on Save and display

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