Moodle: Setting up a Panopto video assignment


The Panopto video assignment module allows teachers to collect videos from students, review it and provide feedback including grades.  

When student submit an assignment and the subfolder does not already exist in the course folder, the Panopto student video submission tool automatically creates one at the submission of the first assignment. Within the assignment folder, a subfolder, Student Submissions, will also be created for finalized submissions. Once a student’s video has been submitted, it will be moved to the Student Submission subfolder.  Once the assignment is complete, assignment folders can be closed manually, and a new assignment folder will automatically be created for any future Panopto student video assignments. Please note: 

In the assignment folder, students will have access to their own videos and can still edit them. 

In the student submission folder, students will have access to view their own videos, and if they would like to keep a record of their submission, they can copy them to another folder. They cannot edit or delete video submissions once they are in this folder. Note: they must have creator access in the Panopto folder to which they want to copy their videos.  

Students cannot view any other user’s submissions. 

Setting up a Panopto assignment in Moodle 

1. Go to the course and select Edit mode 

The edit mode toggle on Moodle course pages

2. Click on Add an activity or resource 

The add an activity or resource button in a Moodle course page

3. Select Panopto assignment 

The Panopto Student Submission activity option in Moodle

4. Give name to the assignment 

The name text box for a Moodle Panopto Student Submission

5. Fill in description 

The Panopto Student Submission description box

6. Allow submissions from 

Allow submissions from date setting in a Panopto Student Submission

7. Due date 

Due date options inside a Panopto Student Submission

8. Cut-off date 

Cut-off date options inside a Panopto Student Submission

9. Prevent late submissions 

Prevent late submission options in a Panopto Student Assignment

10. Allow resubmitting 

The allow resubmitting options in a Panopto Student Submission

11. Email alerts to teachers

Email alerts to teachers option in a Panopto Student Submission

12. Save changes 

The Save and display option in a Panopto Student Submission

13. Open block drawer 

Open block drawer toggle on a Moodle course page

14. Click Add a block 

Add a block option inside a Moodle block drawer

15. Click Panopto 

The Panopto option in the Add a block window

16. Open block drawer 

Open block drawer toggle on a Moodle course page

17. Provision the course 

The provision course link in the Panopto block

18. The folder in Panopto will be created 

A successful provision notification in the Panopto block

Grading a Panopto assignment 

1. Navigate to the activity you want to grade and select the Grade button

The grade button inside a Panopto submission

2. Select the Grade button for the student you wish to grade or Update if you need to update an already graded assignment.  
Note: Students will not need to change sharing permissions on their videos for instructors to be able to view their submissions.

When a video is submitted for grading, it is moved to the student submissions subfolder of the course’s assignment folder in Panopto, and instructors will have automatic permission to view videos in this folder. 

The grading interface within a Panopto Student Submission

3. Grade the assignment as you would, including a grade and comment (optional). Select Save changes to submit the grade to Moodle

The grading window for a student submission

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