MyBlog: Embedding and compressing media

How to embed Media to your Blog post

  1. Log in to MyBlog with your UAL credentials.
  2. From the Top Menu go to My Sites, choose your Blog > View Site, and from the top menu select Edit Site.
  3. On the top menu click on + icon or click on the content area, hit enter and start typing type ‘/embed’, this will give you all the available options to embed media depending on the content choose the one that will fit your need the most. You can choose from:
    • Embed,
    • Embed an Activity,
    • Audio,
    • Custom HTML,
    • Video,
    • Twitter,
    • YouTube,
    • WordPress,
    • Sound Cloud.
  4. Depending on what type of embed you have chosen, go to the site to copy the embedded code or copy the link to the video and paste it to the brackets and preview.
    • Embedding through custom HTML
      • Copy the embedded link from YouTube, and paste it to the brackets in your blog.
    • Embedding through YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc)
      • Copy the link and hit Embed button.

Compressing Media files

How to compress Media files using free software such as VLC Media player:

  1. Open the VLC Media player, on the Media tab, select Convert/Save, and then open the video file in the Multimedia section, select Compress Media.
  2. Choose the file type, and choose the file destination by clicking on Browse.
  3. Click Convert to produce the reduced size media file.

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