Workflow: Sharing and submitting content

About sharing on Workflow

Workflow allows you to share your portfolio, work with others, and participate in groups and forums. Your work can be shared online through a link to your Workflow portfolio, or with your friends or the wider UAL community.

Workflow portfolios can also be submitted for assessment. Once submitted, your page or collection will become locked and you’ll be unable to make changes.

Sharing your portfolios

To choose who has access to your Workflow portfolios.

  • Click the Menu button
  • Select Share
The Workflow Shared page

On the Shared page you can change the sharing options for your collections or pages

  • Click the Lock symbol under Edit Access
  • Here you can select whether your Portfolio is public, available only to Workflow users in UAL, or shared with friends or groups By default portfolios won’t be shared.
The Workflow Edit access page

Viewing portfolios shared with you

To show Portfolios you have been given access to:

  • Click Menu, then Shared with me
The Workflow Shared with me page

The Shared with me page provides updates to any shared Portfolios. This can be filtered to include just your friends and groups you’re part of, or can include any portfolio shared within Workflow.

Portfolios can be searched for through the search bar. You can search titles, descriptions, tags, or by name.

Working with others

Workflow allows you to explore the work of others. You can share content with friends, comment on the work of others, and explore public portfolios. Workflow also has features for setting up private or public groups. These groups can work as an online space for courses, with discussion forums, spaces for shared group portfolios and files, as well as options for handling student submissions.


To find other Workflow users:

  • Click Menu
  • Select Engage, then People.

This will open the People page where you can search for other Workflow users, send messages and manage friends.

The Workflow People page


To manage your Workflow groups, navigate to the Groups page:

  • Click Menu
  • Select Engage, then Groups.

Here you can create groups, manage groups you’re a member of, and search for new groups to join.

The Workflow Groups page

To create a group:

  • Click Create group
  • Enter a group name and description
  • Select the relevant settings related to membership, content and visibility.
  • Click Save group
The Create group option on the Workflow Groups page

Discussion topics

The Discussion topics page on Workflow tracks content from all forums that you’re a member of. Forums are attached to groups, and can be accessed either through the Discussion topics page, or the homepage of each group you’re a member of. Click the topic title to be taken to the post.

To access your Discussion topics page:

  • Click Menu
  • Select Engage, then Discussion topics
The Workflow Discussion topics page

Submitting content to a group

Pages or collections can be submitted for assessment on Workflow. Once submitted, your pages or collections become locked, and no more editing can take place. Your tutor can also provide feedback directly through Workflow.

To submit through Workflow, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Open the page or collection you wish to submit
  • Scroll to the box labelled Submit this page for assessment to at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the dropdown menu, and select the group to make your submission to
  • Click Submit
  • On the confirmation page select Yes, this will complete the submission and lock your page or collection

Note: You’ll need to be part of a group to make submissions

The submission option inside a Workflow page or collection

You can keep track of your submissions through the Submissions page:

  • Click Menu
  • Select Groups, then Submissions

This will open the submissions page, where you can track individual pages or collections submitted for assessment. From here you can access your submissions directly to view feedback, and keep track of submissions as they’re being assessed.

The Workflow Submissions page

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