Admin Tool: Unenrolment from courses

Individual unenrolment

  1. Select Enrolment > Enrol/unenrol from the main menu 
  2. Select Unerol users from the Action dropdown menu 
  3. Select the user you want to unenrol 
  4. Click the Unenrol button 

Bulk unenrolment

To batch unenrol users from a course(s): 

  1. Create a .csv with the following columns: USERNAME | COURSEID | ROLE 
  2. The ROLE must be either STUDENT or STAFF 
  3. Please make sure that there are no spaces or strange symbols/characters within the data being submitted. Usernames must be correct for this to work, please check the data thoroughly before submitting  
jseymour CSMFEFADF02110921/22 STAFF 
21987678 CSMFEFADF02110921/22 STUDENT 

Browse to upload the file and click the Submit button 

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