Moodle: Managing file upload limits

The maximum size of a file that can be upload to a Moodle course can be configured within the settings of each course. This configuration sets a limit for the rest of the activities or resources added to that Moodle course.

For example, if your Moodle course limit was 200MB, a Moodle assignment would also have a maximum size of 200MB. Increasing the course limit allows activity limits to be increased too.

Moodle course limits can’t exceed the maximum site-wide limit on Moodle. This is currently set at 1GB.

Updating the Moodle course limit

To update your Moodle course limit:

  • Navigate to your Moodle course
  • Click Open course settings
The Open course menu button
  • Select the Settings tab
The Settings option inside the Moodle course menu
  • Scroll down to the section Files and uploads
  • Click the dropdown menu, then select a size limit
Setting the maximum upload size in the files and uploads section of Moodle course settings.
  • Click Save and display to save your settings
The Save and display button in Moodle course settings

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