Moodle: Unenroll yourself from unnecessary courses on Admin Tool

You may wish to unenroll yourself from nonessential Moodle sites; however, we advise caution. Once unenrolled you will need a Programme Administrator’s help to regain access.  

To unenroll from a Moodle Site:

  1. Sign-in to Moodle. 
  1. Select Open Admin Tool. 
Moodle tools menus. Select option "Open admin tool"
  1. Select Courses then My Courses. 
Moodle Admin menu bar. The courses drop down menu shows the option for "My Courses" and "Request new course". Select My courses.
  1. Search for a course or unit using its title and year (ex. 21/22). 
  1. Select the Settings icon. 
  1. Select View Course Enrolments
Moodle interface for the "My Courses" page. Select the settings icon on the specific course, then select view course enrolments.
  1. Tick the box next to your name under enrolments. 
  1. Select Delete Enrolment

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